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Hull Types

RC boats are designed with different types of hulls. Most popular are the Deep V (beginners), Catamaran (intermediate) and Hydroplanes (advanced modelers). 

When buying rc boats, consider the hull type. Deep Vs are best for beginners, while catamarans and hydroplanes are best for intermediate to advanced boat modelers.

Deep V (or Deep Vee, Mono Hulls)

Good design for beginners. RC boats with the Deep Vee hull type are easier to control and are more stable in rough or choppy water conditions. However this design also produces a lot of drag resulting in slower speeds.

Deep V Hull Type
Deep V Hull - @Traxxas Villian EX Electric RC Boat

A good example of an RC boat with a deep v hull is the Traxxas Villian EX. It can handle rough waters and with its dual electric motors it is also fast. This is a good RC boat for beginners who want a fast yet easy to control remote controlled boat.


Good design for intermediated modelers. RC boats with the catamaran hull type have less drag that the Deep Vees (mono hulls) and can go faster. However it is less stable and required better r/c boating skills.

Deep V Hull - @CEN Nitro Aqua Jet

Catamaran hulls have less surface area that is submerged in water, thus have less drag and more speed. Pictured above is the 30+mph nitro rc boat called the 1/10 CEN Nitro Aqua Jet. It is powered by a .16ci engine.

Hydroplanes (Tunnel Hulls)

Designed for advance modelers. RC boats with hydroplane hulls have minimal drag and are designed for top speed. However they are tricky to handle and are best for experienced boat modelers.

By keeping these guidelines in mind you can have a lot of fun with rc sailboats.

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